Don’t lose your temper!

We have all experienced it. We lose our temper and we say things we really wished we hadn’t. Friendships are lost, marriages are destroyed and court cases are lost. We then have lots of time to think of what we should have said. Today’s blog is to help with primarily court cases.

When you come to court, your attorney has reminded you to tell the truth. It will set you free and, often, prevent you from looking foolish. Your attorney will warn you of losing your temper when you are being questioned by opposing counsel.  If you lose your temper, critical evidence is often never heard and serious damage done to your case.

Before you walk into the courtroom, remind yourself that no one can make you angry unless you let them.  You hold the power.  No matter how much an opponent may try to confuse and anger you, remember these rules: 1) count to 10.  I read an article on Navy Seals and they use counting as a way to clear their minds, 2) think about the question asked, 3) think what you are going to say, 4) answer in a calm voice.

Is keeping your temper easy?  No.  But the more times you keep your temper, the more wins that will be on your side.