We all love our dogs!  And most of us think the world loves our dog also.  Despite that fact, sometimes a gentle and friendly dog can turn protective and bite someone or another animal.

I am handling a case where the dog ran out of the house and bit a child.  The owner of the dog feels very bad and the child had to have stitches.  The owner has been charged with a Class E felony for letting his dog get loose and injure another.

As a dog owner, protect yourself.  Take your dog to obedience class.  This teaches the dog and you how to conduct yourselves in the outside world.  A good obedience teacher will be able to ‘read’ your dog for potentially dangerous behavior.  Plus, the classes are fun and your dog appreciates getting closer to you.

Second, don’t let your dog run loose.  Owners who do this are asking for trouble.  The dog may get run over by a car, it may be attacked by another dog or it may attack a child.  Keep your dog fenced or on a leash when he is outside.

And last, vaccine your dog.  If he does bite someone, you will need to prove he has had a rabies shot.  People tend to get upset after their child has been bitten and proving that you care enough about your animal to ensure he doesn’t have hydrophobia is good.  The animal shelter can tell you who does this for reduced cost if you do not have a veterinarian.

Take care of your dog!  She will love you in return.