He’s lying!!!

We  have all had situations where we deal with people who lie.   Every one tells a lie.  Some lie because they don’t want to hurt our feelings.  Other people simply have no regard for the truth.  Still others lie to make or keep money.  The list goes on.

If you think you are going to be in legal problems, don’t lie.  Simply don’t talk.  In Tennessee, it is a class E felony to tell a lie to a policeman.  The policeman can lie to you and it’s called “investigative technique”.

One thing you can do when dealing with a potential legal problem is to take notes.  Clear, truthful notes are very valuable.  List what you and the other person said.  List the time of day, the location and any witnesses.  If you are taken to court, your notes will be invaluable to your attorney.

In Tennessee, you can tape conversations that you are a part of even if the other party does not know he is being recorded.  But you cannot tape a conversation you are not a part of such as putting a tape recorder in your child’s backpack and sending her off to school.

The best thing to do is to tell the truth.  The next best thing is to say nothing.